#1 Journey of India’s youngest female stunt rider | ft. Anam Hashim

AnamStunts most of you might have heard it, if you are a motorcycle enthusiast and like bike stunts. Because she, Anam Hashim is the youngest female motorcycle stunt rider of India. And she with her team scaled  Khardung La Pass twice through Himalayan Highs series with TVS Scooty Zest.


Anam is a passionate stunt rider who believes, there is much to accomplish in her life even though her achievements are already praise worthy. With the Dream to start a stunt training academy in India.

Even though Anam claims she is not a hero and has lot more to learn, She is a more than  a Hero or a Heroin. because she is role model to the thousands of Indian women who are restricted by the male dominant society in India who could be Heroes. ” It takes a committed, hard work to  become a Hero, But it takes a passionate brave heart to inspire Heroes. “


As most of  Anam was also fascinated by motorcycles from her childhood, but she took the courage to scale it up to make it as a profession. Even though her father was her ,first teacher who taught her to ride scooter and motorcycle but she faced backlash from her caring family when she decided to take it as a profession than the engineering as chosen by their parents,  but she was able to pursued her parents in the way of her passion.


  • Her first stunt was the ‘Christ’ pose on a scooter.
  • First bike of Anam was Honda Stunner.
  • Her inspirations were Sarah Lezito and Leah Peterson.
  • Current bike Anam owns is TVS Apache RTR 180 or ‘SPARKY ‘ as she calls.


Story of Himalayan Highs :

The open roads which are fully filled with the joy of happiness to the riders, who go on finding the new world. Nature won’t expect anything but they go on giving happiness to our heart and eyes, which makes us forget all the sours and pains. This freedom of happiness is filled by churning machine .


After Anam Hashim’s successful solo ride to Khardung La. She under TVS leads a team of 11 members(including Anam) with 11 bikes, here all are women riders. The huge of women group from a wide background testing the TVS Scooty Zest 110.The Himalayan Highs 2 journey brings together tales of accomplishment, achievement, open roads, newly forged friendship, and the prowess of the TVS Scooty Zest 110.


The Team of 11 members:

  • Anam Hashima.
  • Megha Chakraborty (Bilaspur).
  • Kainoor Mistry (Mumbai).
  • Trupti Sarmalkar (Mumbai).
  • Roshni Somkuwar (Nagpur).
  • Pallavi Fauzdar (Delhi).
  • Garima Kapoor (Lucknow).
  • Ebronah Dorothy (Chennai).
  • Antara Pal (Bengaluru).
  • Surbhi Tiwari (Bengaluru).
  • Shruthi Naidu (Bengaluru).


The journey brings together happiness, achievement, goals, open bumpy roads, new friends group,joy of togetherness, roaring sound of TVS Scooty Zest 110. The jouney of each road gave them a new story along TVS Scooty Zest 100 from beginning till the end of the ride. Which made a most memorable and record-breaking ride!.

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